things that make me smile


Fimo clay arms and head, painted stripy legs, felt hair and handmade clothes.

…these last two weeks have been the greyest in a row that i can remember, crikey when are we going to see some sunlight? makes me want to light the fire and lots of candles…ALL THE TIME!

I made these as Christmas presents, for 2 special Grannies and a good friend who helps me with the children’s Art in school. Fimo clay for all the parts, and some old hankies for the dresses. Who wouldn’t want blue mohair for hair?

Gorgeous little canvases by Heather Shaw in toronto – pilosale

Great place to stick all those odd little bits from kinder eggs, left over pieces from games or special finds – paint a background for them all, and voila – i spy with my little eye!

i spy with my little eye picture

Had a lovely piece of work last month to style a Christmas food table. Picked loads of rosehips before all this rain came which was lucky. Loads of candles and simple handmade decorations.

It’s been a big 7th birthday in our house this weekend. We had a bit of a tricky time over Halloween trying to decide on a halloween costume so managed to have a lot of water balloons blown up, these came in handy for a Birthday Wreath on the door!