things that make me smile

what could be more gorgeous than something that combines a quirky illustration with my love of Pride & Prejudice!

Illustration by kate slater

gorgeous fabric birds from Abigail Brown.

“Abigail spent a large amount of time as a child in the company of her grandma, an incredibly talented, hardworking seamstress, in a house strewn with loose threads and scraps of fabric”.

I’ve ordered a copy of The Artful Bird, can’t wait to get making…

Image of piece by Lars Henkel

this gorgeous piece is by German Illustrator  Lars Henkel, I think they are very Alice in Wonderland.

Piece by Julie Arkell

amazing Paper Mache by Julie Arkell…

Mobile by Fränze Straessle

Mobiles by German artist Fränze Straessle

A {clothes peg} flirts with a jelly bear. To their left a pencil stub notes down the confessions of an old {key}. The invited witnesses are: a miniature car number plate, a vending machine ring containing a fake pink gem, a {watch/clock}, a {baking tin}, a roll of {pigeon blue thread}, a glass {Christmas bauble} decorated with a dark-red heart, a beautiful shard, a flashing eye, a silver spoon, the smallest {money sock} in the world, a coin, a {Denk-fix card}, a mother of pearl button and – and for the sake of completeness – a {light bulb}. All of these things are dangling from a ring made of wire.

Why? Simply to be there – like us all.

looking at this room, i have that feeling in my stomach of having eaten too much fudge, it’s just so incredibly gorgeous. I would never leave the house (let alone the bedroom) if i lived here.

i just love this bottle, and story behind the perfume…

“Inspired by The Grand Tour – a trip across Europe enjoyed by young ladies in the 19th century as a finishing course to their educations – this ethereal floral scent evokes rose gardens, high teas and happy accidents. Housed in an inkwell-inspired bottle and topped with a pincushion to enhance the air of Victorian-era romance”

from Anthropologie

makes me want to just sit and read some Jane Austen…

have just discovered this amazing site, where you can post up links to anything you like, it’s a great way to find some inspiration. LOVE this!

and this…

…can’t remember where i pinched the picture from above, I have a folder on my desktop called ‘nice’ (how original!), and whenever i find something like this, i pop it away, Makes for good viewing on a day like today when I’m tired and a little lacking in inspiration.

reminds me a little bit of this

Dry Point Etching

have a new love….etching,  i did a course on dry point etching with the artist Louise Meade, in Airfield. Absolutely LOVED it!



more gorgeous wallpaper, this time from MIKI Organic, nearly as nice as the ones from Catherine Hammerton.

Looking for remnants of wallpaper came across a gorgeous blog by Emily Chalmers, she has a shop in London (of course!)

ho hum, just when we thought the sun had got his hat on.

…not to worry, time to plan some things to do indoors, banana bread sounds like a good option.

best recipe ever from Tess Kiros, Apples for Jam

Read more

what amazing weather this week, my toes are itching to get out of socks and into sandals. In the meantime enjoying the the signs of warmer days!

courtesy of style files, makes a great little pop-up gallery,  I’d certainly hang some of these precious juicy ones…


this one even has my hot water bottle, my cup of tea beside me, and the sun coming in (so i was told).

So simple, some really beautiful flower prints here by Ina Mat. Looks like a michellin star salads!