The Importance of Consistent Visual Branding.

Consistency of your brand does not mean rolling out the same material over and over again. It’s about deciding on the key elements that anchor and differentiate you, and ensuring that these are always underlying in whatever way you communicate.

At the initial stage of designing a brand identity, the creative process will involve developing a logo, choosing colours and fonts to support the logo. It may also take into account how the logo is used, giving it some boundaries for how it is positioned across different media. You might consider images and how these relate to your brand, and again these may have a relationship with the logo, and other brand elements (does the logo work when placed over an image, does it need a dark or a light background etc.).

So why are these important?

Imagine you have a friend, and every time they phoned you they talked in a different voice, every time you met them they had radically changed their appearance. You might be forgiven for not recognising them in a group of friends. By loosening the parameters around how your brand is visualised and communicated, you are weakening its familiarity, impact and potential.

These brand elements should be a given, and in a sense are up for being assumed, customers of your brand should recognise them intuitively. This sets the stage for the real value of the communication, the exciting bit, the bit that needs to be different. When the brand elements are familiar it lets the unique message of a specific communication really stand out, without the distraction of the viewer needing to work out who it is.

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