Image of piece by Lars Henkel

this gorgeous piece is by German Illustrator  Lars Henkel, I think they are very Alice in Wonderland.

Piece by Julie Arkell

amazing Paper Mache by Julie Arkell…

Mobile by Fränze Straessle

Mobiles by German artist Fränze Straessle

A {clothes peg} flirts with a jelly bear. To their left a pencil stub notes down the confessions of an old {key}. The invited witnesses are: a miniature car number plate, a vending machine ring containing a fake pink gem, a {watch/clock}, a {baking tin}, a roll of {pigeon blue thread}, a glass {Christmas bauble} decorated with a dark-red heart, a beautiful shard, a flashing eye, a silver spoon, the smallest {money sock} in the world, a coin, a {Denk-fix card}, a mother of pearl button and – and for the sake of completeness – a {light bulb}. All of these things are dangling from a ring made of wire.

Why? Simply to be there – like us all.

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