South Dublin County Council
Development Plan 2022-2028

In 2022 I began working with South Dublin County Council on an identity for the 2022-2028 Development Plan. I planned an intensive scoping workshop, preparing moodboards for discussion in advance, exploring taglines. It involved several key stakeholders in SDCC, and their feedback helped to steer the initial concepts for their branding. There were extensive iterations and rounds of concepts given there were a large number of people involved. The brand needed to feel welcoming, inclusive, and work alongside the South Dublin County Council logo.

The final logo had a number of versions, with colour coding to help identify the stage the project was at, that would be informative for viewers. The project then moved to developing a Draft Issues Paper, a 94 page A5 booklet, that was spiral bound with fold out information sheets for each of the neighbourhoods that make up South Dublin County Council. It contained many illustrations, infographics and involved sourcing over 100 stock images, as well as including images owned by the Council, and redrawing externally sourced graphics that were not print resolution.

The final phase of the project involved the design of the full Development Report, through a number of draft phases, the final document being in excess of 600 pages. In tandem to the print artwork, I also created a full suite of Microsoft Word documents that the council used internally to progress content. The final version was translated into Irish, and my work involved localising over 100 graphics, and creating the full Irish version. Given the scale and importance of this project, it required a great deal of project planning and managing with very careful attention to detail.